Lunch Passes

Lunch PassLunch Passes IDs

Lunch passes are great for schools to keep track of students during lunch periods and allow them to move about with the proper identification.

Using these brightly colored lunch pass id’s is a terrific way for teachers and security personnel to quickly and easily identify students and determine that they are where they should be during lunch periods.

Options for Lunch Passes

Lunch Pass labels are rectangular labels available as 4″ x 3″ or 3″ x 2″. Labels are printed on a continuous roll for easy storage and convenient use.

We highly recommend using BLACK ink when printing on colored labels. Black ink shows up the best on these lunch passes name tags.  Most other ink colors show up great on white labels.

Unlimited Possibilities !

Check out the Label Colors and Ink Colors for all name tag labels


Quantity Price
1,000 $59.00
2,000 $118.00
3,000 $150.00
4,000 $200.00
5,000 $250.00
6,000 & up $45.00 per 1,000
There's never a setup charge if you choose one of our mascots.
Shipping Charge For Labels is a Flat Rate of $9.99 per order